About Our Omar Rugs

General information about Omar Rugs company, which is a family tradition of 100% hand woven carpet trade, founded by three young and dynamic brothers.

Ömer Çığ, who started business by opening his first store in January 2021 with the Omar Rugs Brand, has adopted it as his duty to increase the awareness of 100% handmade Turkish carpets in the world. In line with the wishes of its customers, it has added first quality Turkish production machine carpets to its product range.

Ömer Çığ, who has been serving in the carpet sector since 2000, has served many customers from different parts of the world and sold products. Business ethics, discipline and devotion have guided him. It blends the traditional with the modern and offers products suitable for every taste. It sees and applies the carpet not only as a floor covering, but as a decoration product.

Keeping consumer satisfaction and high quality at the forefront is at the top of our values. We would like to cooperate with our customers for a lifetime. Whichever country they live in, we visit them at regular intervals, and we love to remember us on special occasions and to make small surprises as a sign of our friendship.

It makes you happy with family heritage carpets that you can use for generations. We guarantee a lifetime of our 100% hand woven carpets. It never gets discolored or mixed. It can be washed according to the washing instructions. It can be used for generations. Our product range is wide. We complete your decoration with quality products suitable for every budget and taste. We do customer-oriented, honest, sincere, reliable trade. We are with you as a friend, a friend whenever you need it, not once.

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